Updates! Amazon Kindle, Issue 1

Thank you EVERYONE for all of your support so far! Let me answer some of the questions y'all keep asking:

(1) YES! My first comic book is now available for purchase on Amazon Kindle! Click the "Comic" page of my website or just go here:

(2) You don't need to have a physical Kindle in order to read my comic book through Amazon Kindle. You just need to have an Amazon account. Once you purchase the Kindle version, go here (Kindle Cloud Reader) to read it: 

(3) Hard copies of Issue 1 will be available soon. We will have some at Alpha Omega Con on September 23rd. Stay tuned!

(4) I'm working on Issue 2 and will keep you guys posted on updates!

Join us at Alpha Omega Con this Saturday 9/23!

Website up and running!